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The Future Of Truth

The Future Of Truth

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In 2004, The Moody Church hosted their first apologetics conference featuring six evangelist/apologists.

Speakers and their messages:
Ravi Zacharias: The Future of Truth (The Loss of Truth and the Proposal for its Recovery) 
William Lane Craig: The Historicity and Significance of the Resurrection
Phillip Johnson: Asking the Right Questions about Creation and Evolution
Erwin Lutzer: Finding a Jesus You Can Trust
Emir Caner: Reaching Your Islamic Neighbor 
Frank Peretti: The Chair

Various Speakers
The Moody Church
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Sermons in this Series:

1. Dr. Ravi Zacharias - The Future Of Truth
2. Dr. William Lane Craig - The Historicity And The Significance Of The Resurrection
3. Dr. Phillip Johnson - Asking The Right Questions About Creation And Evolution
4. Dr. Erwin Lutzer - Finding A Jesus You Can Trust
5. Dr. Emir Caner - Reaching Your Islamic Neighbor
6. Dr. Frank Peretti - The Chair