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Information to help parents, grandparents, and guardians in raising children and teens. Also information for children on how to deal with parents.


A Message To Parents

A message preached by Pastor Frank Currie at The Moody Church on August 19, 1962. Several years of experience of working with young people and many hours of counseling with young people, a broken home background in my own childhood, four children of my own, and the evidence of need in the church have brought me to the convictions of this message to the many thousands God has called to be parents. To young people, may I saw that while this represents a strong and serious word to your parents, you ought to remember your responsibility before God to honor, … Read More >


What Dr. Torrey Thinks Of “Child Conversion”

Paragraphs from his great sermon on this subject. Children need to be converted and born again. There are a good many in our day who do not believe that. They talk about the children “growing up into the kingdom,” but unless the children accept Jesus Christ and are definitely converted and born again they are not in the kingdom and cannot grow up into it. I know of a little child of four years of age whose father and mother were infidels, grandfather and grandmother were infidels, and all of her uncles and aunts were infidels, but that child definitely … Read More >


The Fifth Commandment

There is a need for constant emphasis upon the relation of the law given to Israel and to us today. It is not merely dispensational, but it is the blueprint for happiness. Obedience always brings harmony with the purpose of God, and in relationships to others, for holiness and happiness are inseparable. The law was given to Israel on the basis of redemption. Exodus 20:2, “I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.” Here was the basis of all further relationships with the Redeemer. No sooner … Read More >


Facing The Challenge To Our Families

Leaving a Spiritual Legacy Consider the impact of lives well lived. In this issue, we honor the family, affirming parents in their crucial role in leaving a godly legacy for future generations. The experts tell us what we already know: troubled children grow up in broken families and well-adjusted children grow up in a secure and affirming home environment. Thankfully, there are many exceptions, but we can almost predict the lifestyle of a child by his or her home environment. Without question, the spiritual and moral climate of our nation is determined by the moral and spiritual climate of our … Read More >


Passing On A Lasting Faith

Your Role is Irreplaceable Radical secularists want your children—and they want them now! They believe the task of raising your children is too important to be left to parents or grandparents; these “experts” are, after all, much more enlightened and will raise them for us. Their task, which they deem as “proper instruction,” is to bypass the parents and wedge their own progressive view of morality and culture between parents and their children. These radical secularists admit parents do have a role. That role is to take care of the physical needs of the child, but some activists want to … Read More >


Victorious—Christian Living in the Home

Christian parents will do well to be on the lookout for every indication of the child’s growth in grace. At the family worship time, their interest, questions, responsiveness and prayers will reveal whether they are making progress, seemingly standing still or drifting backward. In the Scriptures, God clearly shows His ideal for each of His children to be unceasing progress and growth in grace. In the First Epistle of John, chapter two, the Apostle writes to three classes of Christians: little children, young men and fathers. No doubt there were some of each of those three age groups among his … Read More >


God's Grace in Unplanned Pregnancies

Incredibly, on the human level, the salvation of the human race was dependent on a young, single mother. Yes, God entrusted the birth of His Son to a young woman who would then raise Him, doing her best to teach and prepare Him to accept the responsibility of suffering in order to redeem the world. After Joseph married his pregnant bride, he would adopt her child as his own son, and eventually Mary would have other children. But Mary experienced her first pregnancy as an unwed mother.   No wonder we honor Mary. She didn’t sign up for this responsibility. God … Read More >


We Persuade Men

“Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men” —2 Corinthians 5:11 Now when God picked out Abraham as the Father of the Faithful, and the one to be the head of His chosen people, the Jews, He took a look at his faith, tested that faith, and found that Abraham would mind Him. Abraham would obey without argument. He picked him, too, as He said, because “I know him, that he will command his children after him.” Abraham’s children had to mind. Has the great truth that you will have to suffer for your disobedience to God ever … Read More >


Divorce And Remarriage

The Bible not only presents divine ideals but also sin-caused realities. In the Old Testament, divorce and remarriage were permitted under specific regulations. The question is whether or not any of these guidelines are applicable today within the context of the New Testament. Two instances demonstrate that divorce can, under certain conditions, be considered scriptural today.  1. When One Partner Develops a Pattern of Sexual Immorality Christ said, “And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, (fornication) and marries another, commits adultery” (Matthew 19:9).  Several observations should be noted: (1) A spouse who divorces his/her … Read More >