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Information on what it means to live a life of holiness, what holiness is in God’s eyes, and how we can attain His holiness.


In The Inward Part

“Glorify God in your body.” Through the five senses of the body we become conscious of the outside world,—we can say that we know the world in which we live, for this world has made its way to us through these senses, and our great consciousness within cries out, “I know.” Within this body is a soul. The soul has senses also,—I do not know how many; but with these senses it reaches out and knows its kind. For those the soul loves it would sacrifice and sometimes die. The consciousness within the soul rises up and says of the … Read More >


The Outline Of The Spirit's Program

“When He is come, He will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.”—John 16:8 “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work,” Jesus explained to the irate Jews who strenuously objected to His healing a paralytic on the Sabbath. Scarcely two years later, He made it clear that the Holy Spirit would work too. “I will send him unto you,” He assured, “and when he is come he will convince the world.” A strange mission? Singular but not strange. It is unique and essential. And for more than 1900 years the Spirit of God has been performing … Read More >


The Spirit's Work

Address delivered at the 1923 Annual Missionary Rally. This afternoon I am going to speak on the work of the Holy Spirit of God in the life of the believer. There are two aspects of the work of the Spirit: the work that He does in the unsaved in convincing of sin, of righteousness and of judgment, and the work that He does in the saved person in giving power, direction and efficiency as soul winners. The work of the Spirit in fitting for soul winning work, after all, means making a missionary, whether at home or abroad. The matter … Read More >


As He

The Apostle John seems very fond of these two words. Six times in his first epistle he uses these two words. He uses them in trying to show the believer’s relation to the blessed Lord Jesus. The seventh verse of this first epistle reads like this: “But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light,” etc. The natural heart cries out, “How can this be, seeing He is the Son of God?” Yes, He was the second person of the glorious Trinity; but when He was baptized in Jordan the Holy Spirit came upon Him. You … Read More >


Holy Ghost Power

(Helpful to Sunday School Lesson of February 1, 1920, Acts 8:4–39) “Scattered abroad.” This sounds like a calamity; but what looks like a calamity to the world is God’s method of sowing the seed. Men who knew nothing about seed would say the farmer is throwing it away as he reaches into his bag and scatters it abroad; but it will come up if it die and bear much fruit. Persecution has always been followed by power in the Church. They put Jesus to death, but fifty days from His death one hundred and twenty were filled with Him and … Read More >


The Truth About Holy Living

Holy living in an Unholy World: How can we be holy in a sin-saturated world? “I looked for the church and found it in the world, and I looked for the world and found it in the church.” So said hymn writer Horatius Bonar. Those words resonate with me. We are living at a time when the distinction between the world and the church is blurred; we want to love God, but we are pulled into the orbit of worldly values and an array of temptations. And, quite frankly, we often don’t know where the lines should be drawn. When … Read More >


Canaan Land

God’s plan was to get his people into the land of Canaan. He never wanted them to die in the wilderness and have to come through the Jordan again, which was typical of another water crossing. So many people think that crossing the Jordan is typical of coming into the fulness of the Holy Spirit and forget that there are two types, because the parents came through the Red Sea and the children there in the wilderness had never been through the Red Sea. God had to take them through Jordan. The experience of the fulness of the Holy Spirit … Read More >


The Spirit-Filled Life

Many Christians are cynical when they hear of others coming into a deeper experience of Christ. Many, perhaps, have claimed some experience of the Holy Spirit in their lives in previous years, but now find they are left on a receding tide of blessing, more dry, more barren, more empty, more futile than before. Now they dismiss the whole thing, and go happily along content with what they have of the Gospel. Others are hungry, and yet are confused and do not quite know the issues at stake. They know that God is talking to people, but somehow have not … Read More >


The Holy Ghost Said

“The Holy Ghost said.”—Acts 13:2 He speaks. Oh that the Church of today would hear His voice! He is not an influence. He is a Person speaking. In this instance cited, He said, “Separate me Barnabas and Paul for the work whereunto I have called them” (verse 2). The work is in His hands and the men must be also. The work is in His hands still, but where are the separated men? What a wealth of work waits to be done! The fields are white to harvest, but where are the reapers? It is from just such group prayer … Read More >


Essential Equipment

Ye shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you.”—Acts 1:8 This is the first of a series of messages from the book called “The Acts of the Apostles.” My purpose is not that we should study the early missionary career of the church of the New Testament, but that we should discover the secret of her power. From many angles this book is of great value to us. It has a historical value because, as a book of history, it is authentic, but as such it is merely a fragment. You may read this book through and … Read More >

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