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Dr. Lutzer to Assume Greater Role

On Sunday January 4, 2015, Pastor Lutzer announced an upcoming change in the leadership of The Moody Church. Speaking with his wife Rebecca by his side, he informed the congregation that a search would begin for a new Senior Pastor.

The Lutzers have given this transition much thought and prayer, and have concluded that God is leading them to take this step at this time. They, along with the Elders, have agreed that Dr. Lutzer will remain in the role of Senior Pastor until a new Pastor is found. When that transition occurs, Pastor Lutzer will step into a new role of ministry, that of Pastor Emeritus of The Moody Church.

To quote directly from Dr. Lutzer’s statement:

… why now? After all, as far as I know I am in good health, and the church is in a good place, the ministry is going well. Why a transition? Well, remember, I am now 73 years old. And while I may well be around another 30 years based on my parents’ longevity, I have felt for some time it would be best for a new man with fresh ideas to be at the helm of this wonderful ministry. I have always prayed God would lead me according to His will for The Moody Church and that I would know when it was time for a change. I believe that time is now. …

Last year we celebrated the 150th anniversary of The Moody Church and I am so grateful to have relived the major events of this historic ministry. It was exciting for all of us to see how remarkably God has led in our past. But now, I think, it is very appropriate that someone else lead this church as we embark on the first steps of our next 150-year journey.

As Pastor Emeritus, Dr. Lutzer plans to take on a wider range of responsibilities, continuing to represent The Moody Church in as many different ways as he can. He will be able to assume a greater role in our Media Ministry, speaking at media rallies, conducting seminars, and writing books that speak to the issues confronting us today. He will also continue to speak on our Running To Win radio program.

Pastor and Rebecca wish to extend their thanks to the congregation of The Moody Church for the 35 years of love, prayers, and support. They will remain part of the church family, and look forward to seeing how God will continue to bless the church in the days ahead.

Watch the video of Pastor Lutzer’s statement, or click here to download the text of his statement. 

As provided for in the Constitution of The Moody Church, a committee will be formed shortly to oversee the pastoral search. It is likely that a search firm will be retained to handle all inquiries. Further information will be posted once the committee has been formed and any firm engaged.