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Light Up the Darkness This Summer

An honest look at our society today can leave you wondering if there is much hope for our nation. We here at Moody Church Media firmly believe that God’s light can overcome the darkness in any culture and in any heart. This is exactly what Moody Church Media seeks to do each and every day. We want to see people’s lives transformed through the preaching of God’s word, all to the glory of God!

But we need your help to change lives…

With summer almost here, Moody Church Media is facing a downturn in our financial support (and often July and August are slow giving months as well). That is why we are asking for your generous help today, to ensure Moody Church Media enters summer fully able to share God’s love and truth with you and thousands of others in the days ahead.

By giving today, you’ll make an impact on the many lives touched by this ministry.

Light Up the Darkness This Summer