Living and Dying with Assurance of Salvation

The most important question you’ll ever face is where you will spend eternity. But answering that question with rock-solid certainty is crucial not just to your eternity, but to your life today too.

Pastor Lutzer was 14 when he knelt in his parents’ farmhouse to receive Christ as Savior. It wasn’t the first time. He had prayed many times before, but couldn’t find assurance. “I even came to the conclusion that maybe I couldn’t be saved,” he said recently.

But then his parents told him something that made all the difference. Discover what Pastor Lutzer’s parents told him, and the biblical foundation on which you can rest your eternal destiny, when you request Pastor Lutzer’s vital CD message “Living and Dying with the Assurance of Salvation.”

Find the confidence that will transform your life now—liberating you from anxiety about your salvation. It’s the difference, Pastor Lutzer observes, between flying stand-by—hoping, but never knowing if you’ll have a seat—and relaxing in the departure lounge with a bought-and-paid-for ticket.

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Living and Dying with Assurance of Salvation