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Celebrating Ministry To Children


In today’s world, we’re more concerned with who’s the greatest actor or singer or writer. Even back during the time Jesus walked on Earth, His own disciples were wondering, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” The response of our Lord was counter-cultural and contrary to human nature—both then and today. We’re to become like children. In this message, Pastor Lutzer explains what Jesus meant and how we can enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Watch For Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven.



In this powerful message, Pastor Lutzer tackles the often controversial topics of infant baptism and salvation, the age of accountability, the innocence of children, and life beginning at conception—all to answer the question: if a baby dies, will the child end up in heaven? This message is not based on sentiment; it is based on God’s Holy Word. And we will see that Jesus who loves the little children also gladly, lovingly, and happily welcomes thousands of them into His glorious presence every day. But there is a sober reminder: though we may rejoice that God welcomes infants into heaven, what about the parents? One of the saddest things will be for a child to be in heaven, but without their parents.

Watch Jesus Loves The Little Children.