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Question 87

Q: You are listed among the ESV Bible endorsers. Could I get your thoughts regarding Bible translations?

Asked by: Ron, Illinois

A: Well Ron, yes you can, and I’m not sure my view is as important as many other scholars throughout the country.

But here at The Moody Church I preach from what is known as the ESV, the English Standard Version. It’s been out for several years and is more literal, but also more readable than say the King James Version.

The King James Version was a great translation, but as you know, language changes, and there are many, many old constructions and old words in the King James that we don’t really use and understand anymore. So, modern translations are a good thing.

Now what you can do for example, if you find the ESV is even too literal for you? There’s nothing wrong with choosing the NIV, the New International Version. And it’s an even more readable translation. Then you can even go to paraphrases such as The Living Bible, and the new version of that is very good to read.

So let’s understand that because of the changes in language, and because it’s possible to say the same thing in different words, that’s why we have different translations today. Bottom line: choose a translation, use it, read it, and love it.

Note: Everyone should read a more literal translation for study, such as the ESV, but here at The Moody Church we encourage people to use and compare other translations.

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