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Question 187

Q: How does a person know when God is speaking to them or has answered a question?

How do I know when God is saying yes or no?

Asked by: Calvin

A: Calvin, let me begin by saying that your dilemma is a very common one.

We’ve all wondered about God’s will. We wish that it were written in the sky, but the problem is we’re not sure whether God is saying yes or no.

Let me just mention a couple of things. First, be very wary of the idea that God is going to speak to you directly. I’ve never had God really speak to me directly regarding a yes or a no. I believe that God leads us in other ways such as through submission to the Scriptures, and by being in fellowship with Him and willing to do whatever He wants. Be willing to accept a yes or a no.

Next, I think it’s very important to receive wise counsel from others. Try to get some input into your situation from people who perhaps agree with you, and people who may not agree with what you want to do. Hear both sides.

Finally, make a wise decision. Sometimes I’ve had to tell the Lord this, “Lord, I’m leaning toward yes and I’m going to do this unless You stop me.” And then as I begin to proceed in that direction, God either confirms it or He does stop me and closes the door. So that’s been helpful for me. But remember this, God is more concerned about keeping you in His will than you are in walking in His will. God was more concerned about bringing Jonah back from his disobedience than Jonah was. I’ve learned this: that if we are willing to be led, God has His ways to lead us.

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