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24-Day Challenge

Whether you are a believer in Christ, simply interested in investigating the Christian faith, or even a skeptic, let me give you what I call the 24-Day Challenge! The book of Luke has 24 chapters, so my challenge to you is to simply read one chapter a day for 24 days. There is simply no substitute for being exposed to this first-century, first-hand account of the life of Jesus Christ.

This study will help you summarize the lessons of each chapter and keep pointing you to the text of the Bible so that you might investigate for yourself the life and teachings of Jesus.  You will discover how Jesus is different from other teachers, gurus, and prophets.

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Purchase The Jesus Film on DVD or Blu-ray and participate in the 24-Day challenge with your friends and family.

The 24-Day Challenge is the result of a collaboration between The Jesus Film Project and Moody Church Media.