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The World War II Heritage Tour
Led by Dr. Erwin Lutzer and Dr. Michael Rydelnik

Freedom has a high price tag but we can truly appreciate the cost when we stand where men and women paid the ultimate price. This tour will help us relive the events that led to World War II and better understand the “blood, toil, tears and sweat” of victory that finally led to the defeat of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

We will visit Normandy, Paris, and, of course, Berlin where Nazism was born. We’ll stand at the podium of the Stadium in Nuremberg where the huge Nazi rallies were held, and later visit the very building in Munich where the failed “Munich Agreement” was signed. In fact, we will also visit Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest and spend time walking through the incredible hallways of one of Hitler’s bunkers.

The purpose of this tour can be simply stated: to better grasp the lessons of history and ask ourselves how these lessons apply to us in the United States. In the process we will seek answers to some hard questions, such as:

  • Who was Adolf Hitler and from whence did he get his magnetism and power?
  • Why were the German people so anxious to accept Hitler and his agenda?
  • What streams in American culture are similar (or different) from that of Nazi Germany?
  • Why were the Jews so fiercely hated and persecuted?
  • How can we square the horrors of the concentration camps with a belief in a loving God?
  • What does Bonheoffer’s legacy say to us living in America?

What does the future hold for Europe in light of the high concentration of Muslims in many countries? What lessons do we learn about Islam for the American church?

The United States and Russia were allies fighting a common enemy. What are the enemies of freedom in the United States today, and how do we fight to resist them?

Of course, in addition to lectures (many of them on site) and becoming acquainted with modern day Europe, we will meet new friends and enjoy fellowship with one another.  We will indeed have memories to last a lifetime. Best of all, we will return energized to stand for freedom and truth no matter the cost.

Please note that costs and itinerary are subject to change. Click here for more information on cost, registration and booking