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Sermon Series

Between Heaven And Earth: Volume 1

Lessons from the Book of Ephesians

The book of Ephesians uniquely captures both the glory of our position in Christ in the heavenlies, and the practicality of real life here on Earth. Dr. Lutzer brings these two worlds together in this two-volume series of messages and shares how we can live our lives worthy of our calling.


Sermon 03

Bought At High Cost

March 1, 1998

Our salvation starts with the Trinity. The Father chose us. The Son redeemed us. The Spirit sealed us. 

Sermon 04

Heaven Guaranteed

March 8, 1998

Because of the Holy Spirit, we are guaranteed passage all the way from here to heaven.

Sermon 08

How God Builds The Church

May 24, 1998

God is constructing a building for Himself, and the church is His residence. 

Sermon 09

The Mystery Solved

May 31, 1998

Through the Gospel, we are all heirs and members.

Sermon 10

The Fullness Of God

June 7, 1998

God’s love is not gauged by our circumstances; it is demonstrated in God’s Son.

Sermon 11

Walking Together

June 28, 1998

Unity is the basis of the church’s power. 

Sermon 12

You And Your Gift

July 19, 1998

The church cannot be healthy unless everyone comes together, identifies their gifts, and joyfully serves.

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