God's Glory In Our Worship Part 1

As we mature in the faith, we come to realize more and more that it’s not about us. It’s about God, whose glory fills the heavens. When we see our lives as part of a much larger plan, we …
Wednesday, January 1

God's Glory In Our Worship Part 2

God’s glory is easy to lose sight of. All it takes is one small sin. In Moses’ day, the glory of God would come and go. In the end, it departed, as the sins of Israel caused God to draw b…
Thursday, January 2

God's Glory In Our Church Part 1

Believers attend church to meet God, and further extend His glory. We gather to express to God His worth to us: that is what the word “worship” is all about. We need to remember the bigge…
Friday, January 3

God's Glory In Our Church Part 2

With Jesus as its cornerstone, the Church has a rock-solid foundation. As believers, we’re part of that building, since we’re called “living stones” by the Apostle Peter. In t…
Monday, January 6

God's Glory In Our Witness Part 1

At the core of God desiring glory is the plan of redemption He designed long ago. Bringing many sons and daughters to glory was His intention, even though He knew mankind would fall in the Garden of …
Tuesday, January 7

God's Glory In Our Witness Part 2

“The light of the gospel of the glory of Christ…” Paul says the devil blinds people from seeing this glorious light. In this message, Pastor Lutzer shares more on why God’s g…
Wednesday, January 8

God's Glory In Our Lifestyle Part 1

While some are doing well in a good economy, others are left by the wayside. But when finances are tight, we need an eternal perspective on our lives. How can we focus on the glory of God? Does it he…
Thursday, January 9

God's Glory In Our Lifestyle Part 2

The money you make at your job will come and go. But the imprint you leave on your co-workers will last far beyond your lifetime. In this sermon we learn more about how we can make the glory of God o…
Friday, January 10

God's Glory In Our Sexuality Part 1

Every one of us is a sexual being, and no area of life is more challenging for a believer. First Corinthians was written to a church with serious moral issues. From God’s Word, let’s view…
Monday, January 13

God's Glory In Our Sexuality Part 2

One way for believers to handle the temptation of sex outside of marriage is to realize Who is always present. God Himself is a witness since the believer is indwelt by the Holy Spirit. God looks ser…
Tuesday, January 14

God's Glory In Our Suffering Part 1

Sooner or later, we all experience suffering. But believers have the promise that suffering for the sake of Jesus will be rewarded. In this sermon Pastor Lutzer gives another lesson on why nothing el…
Wednesday, January 15

God's Glory In Our Suffering Part 2

Believers know that God has a purpose in their suffering—a purpose we can’t fathom while in the deep valley. Pastor Lutzer helps us to realize that the ultimate good of God’s glory …
Thursday, January 16

How The Glory Of God Changes Us Part 1

“And we with unveiled face beholding the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.” That change happens as believers renounce sin in…
Friday, January 17

How The Glory Of God Changes Us Part 2

Through the Holy Spirit, a believer embarks on a journey whose end is being like Christ: transformed from the inside out by the glory of God. This is how beholding God leads to our becoming like God.
Monday, January 20

God's Glory In Our Death Part 1

Believers count on a life beyond this life. Meanwhile, we live to bring glory to God. Whether our days are many or few, all of us will die. We want to live in such a way that when life is over, God r…
Tuesday, January 21

God's Glory In Our Death Part 2

Those who say there’s no God have little hope on their deathbed.  But those who believe in Jesus know that their times of death are in God’s hands. We can glorify God when it is our …
Wednesday, January 22

God's Glory And Our Glorification Part 1

Believers know they will be raised at the return of Jesus, and that all who have ever believed will reign with Him for the ages to come. Today we will look forward to the end game of the glory of God.
Thursday, January 23

God's Glory And Our Glorification Part 2

We cannot comprehend the transformation that awaits us. With glorified bodies, we will see all of creation reborn in a cosmic chorus of praise. The transcendent finale to the symphony of God’s …
Friday, January 24

The Gift Of Predestination Part 1

Salvation is more than just a ticket to heaven when we die. Christ has given believers many wonderful gifts that accompany our salvation. In this message we take inventory of what each believer has t…
Monday, January 27

The Gift Of Predestination Part 2

Believers can be sure that no event in their lives can take place outside of God’s knowledge and plan. The New Testament teaches that God has predestined the eternal future for every Christian.…
Tuesday, January 28

The Gift Of Righteousness Part 1

The standard God sets for us to gain eternal life is very high—so high there’s no way we can ever reach it. That’s why He’s given a gift to every child of God in which He best…
Wednesday, January 29

The Gift Of Righteousness Part 2

When we see ourselves as God sees us, we realize that we fall far short of His standards. Our sins stand between us and His holiness. Without outside help, none of us can attain eternal life.
Thursday, January 30

The Gift Of The Holy Spirit Part 1

Some of the gifts God gives His children may seem intangible. Having the righteousness of God sounds theoretical. But one gift makes all the other gifts very real. In this message we learn about a he…
Friday, January 31