When Personalities Collide

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two people are alike. We are all different, and that diversity adds a richness to life. But it also adds a set of problems. When two people don’t get alo…
Sunday, March 1

When Loyalties Collide

Sooner or later, the government will tell us to do something we cannot do as Christians. Or, they’ll prohibit us from doing things we must do as believers. While we have a clear obligation to b…
Sunday, March 8

Jesus, In Agony For Us

The Bible tells us to “remember the Lord’s death until He comes.” We do this every year during Holy Week, and, every time we join together for The Lord’s Supper. His death pai…
Sunday, March 15

Jesus, Betrayed For Us

When Judas gave Jesus that fateful kiss, he was aiding those who wanted to kill the Son of God. In putting him to death, the enemies of Christ unwittingly made our redemption possible.
Sunday, March 22

Jesus, On Trial For Us

In a just world, the court system exists to examine facts and determine the guilt or innocence of a person on trial. But this is not a just world. All too often, staged trials are held with predeterm…
Sunday, March 29