God's Glory In Our Suffering

Hurting is a part of life. Ask anyone in a cancer ward, facing a painful end to their life. No one is exempt from suffering. Sooner or later, we all experience it. But believers are promised that suf…
Sunday, June 2

God's Glory In Our Death

One of the oldest books in the Bible asks a question that is still being asked today! In Job 14:14 we read, “If a man dies, shall he live again?” Life is not about riches or fame, success…
Sunday, June 9

How The Glory Of God Changes Us

The government throws billions of dollars at problems that money cannot solve. Despite education funding, the world still seems broken. Everyone is looking for meaning and purpose in life. There&rsqu…
Sunday, June 16

God's Glory And Our Glorification

After all the pain of this world is over, the people of God have a glorious inheritance awaiting them. Those who believe in Jesus will one day be glorified, bathed in the very glory of God Himself.
Sunday, June 23

Living With Fear And Winning

It seems the world is reeling from crisis to crisis: Middle East turmoil, rising prices, and nation after nation facing insurmountable debt. Civil unrest is rampant. Meanwhile, politicians make promi…
Sunday, June 30