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Pass The Baton This Summer

As believers in Jesus, it’s our responsibility to pass the baton of faith on to the next generation—to our children and grandchildren. But growing numbers of young people raised in church are leaving the faith.

You can almost hear the clanking of all those batons hitting the pavement across America. And there’s just one solution: the faithful proclamation of the Gospel.

Right now we face a giant challenge. This year we stepped out in faith to enter some amazing new doors of outreach. But we are entering the summer months—often a time when giving slows—with a budget shortfall.

Your generosity now will help keep us on a firm financial footing. Best of all, you’ll be shining the light and truth of Scripture into the lives of others—young and old—helping them know Christ and run their race in a lost and darkened world.

Thank you for partnering with us to share God’s Word!

Pass The Baton This Summer