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Invitation: Israel Tour 2022 Devotionals

Can you imagine visiting the locations where the events of the Bible happened? Pastor Erwin Lutzer invites you to follow along with his family in Israel on Moody Church Media’s blog and social media channels. You’ll watch short devotionals at sites such as the Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, and Jerusalem. 


Hi, this is Pastor Lutzer! This month, my wife and I hope to travel to Israel.

You’ll have the opportunity to follow us virtually as I give devotions at various places, show you what we are seeing, and, in this way, I trust that you can participate with us in this remarkable land, visited personally by God. And of course, as many of us believe, it’s the land to which Jesus Christ shall return again. So to follow us, you can follow us right here or go to Hope to see you. Trust that you’ll enjoy our experience even as we lead you through this remarkable land!

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