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The Word of God Converts Us

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The Word of God is at the center of a believer’s life. It teaches us, guides us, and encourages us. But before doing any of these things, it first converts us, taking us from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of God’s dear Son. The Word of God and the Spirit of God transform lives!

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Changed by the Word

The Word of God changes the hearts of those who meditate on its teachings and are open to its instructions. It purifies us, comforts us, and strengthens us. It’s our protection against sin; it guides us and enhances our worship. These messages are intended to bring about a permanent God-pleasing transformation in our lives by teaching us how to meditate and pray on the Scriptures. No matter how much you’ve heard about how to live the Christian life, you need to learn how to feed on God’s Word because if you don’t, whatever you do will ultimately fail.

Receive this 6 sermon series on 3 CDs as our thank you for your gift of any amount.